Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Triplet Saga

Steeven babysitting Viventz and Paulentzska.
The triplets are starting to grow into their eyes and continue to keep us busy. They were able to go home for the weekend , and it was a good chance to for their family to get a taste of what life is going to be like(and gave us a nice quiet weekend!)!! They are gaining right along and we hope they likely go home next month to stay.

Valentska hanging out it a DOLL highchair...yep, she's still quite petite.

At 1:00am on October 23 Melinda woke me up saying "Mom, mom, we're getting a baby!" I got up and waited for the people to come up the steps with the baby. When they handed her to me I could feel the cold through her blankets and so we quickly took her to the warming table. Melinda listened to her heart and tried to resuscitate her, but she was just too far gone. From what we could gather, she had been born about 3months early and over an hour earlier, and there had been no-one at the hospital to provide the necessary care as the pediatrician was off duty. It took us while to let them in the gate as in Haiti you just don't open the door at 1 a.m. We held her funeral the next day.

She looked so perfect:another angel in God's hands

October 25 brought us another baby. Kervens(Kevin) came to us because his mom had been abandoned by her husband and has two other children, and that very day was being evicted from her home. She had tried everything to make ends meet but knew that her little boy needed care she could not provide. Though Kervens came with sores all over him and was quite dirty(the toothbrush above was this dirty after scrubbing just his scalp), it is very obvious that he was loved and was given a lot of attention. We are happy that we can care for these children of our community in such sad circumstances.


Jolanda came to us on October 10th from a family at the church we attend. They have a number of other children and they're economic situation is bad and they felt that they could not keep Jolanda. She was breastfeeding and is having a very hard adjustment to the change. She is 3 months old and other than having problems adjusting she is doing well.

GloryBed(quite the name, huh!?!?!?)
This little boy was sent down from the hospital the day he was born as he needed the benfit of our warming table. He them went home a couple days later, but returned the next day due to jaundice and fever. His mom is staying with us and caring for him while he undergoes bili reuben treatements and we monitor his fever.

This is GloryBed's umbilical cord. None of us had ever seen a previously tied off cord quite like it and so we just had to get a good photo. His umbilical cord has since been re-cut and re-tied.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on the Triplets

Three little screamers all in a row! Here is an update on our triplets. They are are coming along fine. They are gaining weight, though Valentzska is significantly behind her brother and sister. They will be staying with us for a period of time as their mother is not yet prepared to care for them. Paulentzska has on a dress that Lori bought and we all thought she looked like a little princess in it, and even found a pillow to match! Paulentzska

Flashback: One 24 hour Crisis:September 29

This day started out with the arrival of good friends baby. Negran was three years old and had been sick on and off since birth. He had had a fever for about a week and would not eat. He was brought to our home and in the picture above Melinda and Dr.Touissant were working together to try and find an IV site. Much to our sorrow this precious little boy died due to a fever of 108 degrees. We held a funeral for him that day and did our best to comfort the family.

While we were preparing for Negran's funeral another baby arrived. She was born with anacephilis, and literally had no skull. Her cerebrum was outside of her head and her body was terribly misproportioned. We knew that she did not have a chance at life, so Melinda cleaned her up and wrapped her up and sent her home to spend her short life with her family.

In the same 24 hour period, this little girl was brought to our door. She had a severe scalp infection that was putrid and parts of her scalp had rotted and were falling off. We managed to clean her up and she actually provided some comic-relief from the stressful last 24 hours when she called Melinda the devil!

She came back for several more days for follow-up treatments.