Monday, November 24, 2008

Update on everything happening here

Our local hospital which is just down the road from us has been closed for the past week due to some vagabonds entering the hospital and threw feces all over the hopsital and locked the doctors in their residence and threw fees all over their door.The reason for this was a political problem between the hospital and some staff that had been let go. All the patients had to be transferred to different places. The adult patients were sent to one of the doctors residences and our pediatrician who works there transferred all of his patients down here to the childrens home. We turned our schoolroomm into a clinic while his patients were here. We had 2 babies and three young boys over the course of a week. During this time, Melinda had left to go the states and so we suddenly had a clinic and no nurse. And so, Lori and I acted as nurses for that week. It seems like that we also have had a lot of sickness go through the house during this period of time. Earaches, malaria, lung infections, skin infections, repiratory problems,etc. During this time, a premature baby came to us and though we tried very hard, he was just too small and the mother was very uncooperative about getting medical treatment and thus delayed treatement by a day. Which in the life of a infant born almost 3 months early is very siginificant. We named him Nathan and it wasn't long before he was safe in the arms of Jesus.

Thankfully, things seem to have calmed down at this point. Our clinic is empty and our children seem to be recuperating well! The hospital is still closed and I am getting patients off and on needing medical care.

On Wednesday we got a little boy named Nadieu(we call him Jay for short). He is 21 months old. His mother died in May and he is quite small for his age and very undernourished. He could not stand or walk when he came, but within in a day of good nourishment he stood up and walked across the floor and has been walking all over ever since. He is being followed by our pediatrician and seems to be adjusting well to his environment. He loves to be held and cuddled and cries when he's put down.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An amazing experience

Janae and I just minutes after she was born

A week ago I had an amazing opportunity that in all my life I have never had before! Through a series of events I was able to go and watch a baby being born at our local hospital. Deanna, one of our volunteers, as well as Lori and I went up at the hospital at 6pm. The lady met us at the hospital and we stayed with her planning to watch her give a natural birth. By 12 midnight the doctor decided that she needed to have the baby by c-section. I asked if there would be any chance that we would be able to watch the c-section and he said, "YES"!!!
So we put on our surgery garb(that was the first time I'd worn pants in years!) and entered into the operating room. It was a thrilling event to watch that baby come out of her mother's stomach!! The baby and the mother are both doing fine.

Dr. Ulysse performed the c-section. We were all amazed at his obvious gifting in this area. As we watched him sew her stomach back together we were in awe of the skill he possesses!

Lori and Janae

Deanna and Janae

Cute as a button:Janae

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday

" I saw a little worm"
Last Saturday we had our August birthday party. Due to the flooding and Lori being gone and an influx of children coming in and a number of other things, we are a little behind on our birthday parties. So, November is our month for birthday parties, and so every Saturday we'll be having birthday parties until we get caught up!