Thursday, January 28, 2010

HCH Post-Earthquake

Dear Friends & Family,

This is Shae updating for Melinda. She returned into Haiti yesterday late and we went immediately to the American Embassy and resubmitted the files. We are presently waiting for the call back from that. There has been a hold put on travel documents for the adopted children and this is pending the Prime Minister's approval for each child. For Canadian parents, the CIC came on Tuesday and took pictures, and reviewed the files. We were told to wait for them to contact us and were given no indication of when. Melinda was in contact with the official in Canada and there is nothing that HCH can do at this time. We are setting up an outdoor clinic today to access the children as many are not feeling well; but there is no serious illnesses. We were given one large tent by the UN and I was able to bring in several smaller ones. We have no internet at HCH so we will update everyone as we are able. Thanks so much!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Outing!

On January 1, 2010, Pastor Massena wanted to take our boys from the orphanage, along with Michael for an outing. Pastor took 8 boys on this little adventure, ranging from ages 3 to 8. Left to right starting with the back row are Pastor Massena, Chris Nelson, James, Lony, Eddy, Robinson, Michael, Cliffly, and Golson. Below is a picture of them, all ready to go!

The first place they went to was the town square. Below is a picture of them all lined up!
Here they are, enjoying the playground at the square!
They got treats, cheese twists and tampico, and headed out to the river!

The two pictures below show you just how much fun the boys had playing in the water!! Swimming was an unexpected thing, so that explains why they were all in their under clothes!
The boys had a GREAT day and the Pastor seemed to have just as much fun as the boys did!
Grandma Pat's oldest son, Timothy, and his wife, Rachel, had a baby boy on Christmas day! The little one followed his sister Julie, who is 12 years of age! His name is Timothy Robert! A picture will follow later.