Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Baby At The Gate!

These 3 pictures have a story behind them! This little baby girl was found outside of our gate at 8:30 at night when a neighbor boy called some of our boys and said, "There's a baby outside your gate!" Amanda came calling me and I thought she was playing a joke on me and it wasn't really true, but I went out and looked behind the gate, underneath the writing on our wall, there was a tiny baby wrapped in a torn blanket with a jacket wrapped around her. There were ants crawling on her and at first I thought she was dead, but I saw her feet move. I gently picked her up and brushed the ants off her head, and took her inside for Melinda to consult. Before we did anything, we took her to the police station to make a declaration that she was in our orphanage. It took about 2 hours to do that. After that we brought her home, fed her, cleaned her up, and put her to bed. She had an infection in her embilical cord from it being cut and not tied and it was a wonder she didn't bleed to death. We still do not know whose baby she is so she has been declared orphaned. I named her Hannah. She is doing fine. The first picture is the cardboard outside the gate that she was found on.

This is me taking a look at her before we cleaned her up.
This is Hannah once she had been examined by Melinda and was given a bath and food!

Another set of twins!!

Well this morning, we had another set of twins arrive! We have twin boys here already and today, we got cute little twin girls! They arrived shortly after 9:00. Baby A weighed in at 1.4kg and Baby B was just a little bigger, with a weight of 1.75kg. They are drinking about an ounce every 2-3 hours. The mother of the babies died on Saturday from childbirth. We are not sure yet if we are keeping them or just helping the family out. It seems like every time Melinda leaves to go to Port Au Prince on business, another baby arrives! I told Melissa, a volunteer who is here helping us, that I hoped a baby would come during her stay here. Well, we have had 4 babies arrive since she came, which has been just over a month now!