Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adoptions are still processing

It was brought to my attention that I did not mention how adoptions were being effected by the isolation of the HCH compound. I wanted to clarify for those of you processing adoptions through HCH that your files are still moving despite the precautions being taken on the compound. Director Mathieu is not participating in the reverse isolation. He is on the outside and still processing paperwork.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Ulysse family and Grandma Pat to start deputation services

Massenat and Melinda Ulysse and their children along with Grandma Pat and Amanda plan to start holding meetings to raise support for their return to Haiti. If you would like to schedule a meeting for yourself or your church, please contact Melinda Ulysse by phone at 352-307-2449 or 772-209-2527 or by e-mail at for more information.

Please pray for us as we start to book our calendar. We need to raise our personal monthly support as well as funds for our return. We plan to return as soon as we are able.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Reverse Isolation

We were successful in isolating the orphanage over the weekend. Several of our staff graciously agreed to stay around the clock in a lock down situation for at least a month and longer if needed. We had to hire some temporary staff as not enough of our employees were able to stay to make a full staff on-site with the children; we are grateful to all those who helped make the reverse isolation happen.

It took about 24 hours to actually get the compound ready, find the staff and get enough supplies to make it all happen but everyone worked together and made it happen. Lunto went to get bulk supplies on Friday, Mathieu went to employees homes, made phone calls and then arranged a meeting with those in place for the isolation. On Saturday, Shae and Melissa went to Port-au-Prince for one last grocery shopping trip to buy food, extra water jugs, air mattresses for the staff and hand sanitizer (they couldn't get any of this) before locking down. When they got home they set up mattresses and made sleeping arrangements for about 12 helpers who joined them in the already overcrowded sleeping quarters. Then they initiated the isolation officially.
So far no children and no staff from HCH have been effected by cholera. We do have a few children with mild illness but no one with symptoms of cholera. We thank God for this and we pray that he will continue to cover them.
We are still in need of a nurse or two. We need someone who is proficient at starting IV's and is willing to administer the daily medications and treatments. If you or someone you know is interested in helping in this way please contact Melinda Ulysse by phone at 352-307-2449 or 772-209-2527 or e-mail at

Please continue to help us pray for the country of Haiti and HCH as everyone tried to recover from the earthquake earlier this year and now the cholera outbreak. HCH is in need of funding to help cover the extra expenses incurred due to the cholera outbreak if you would like to help financially please see our website

Friday, October 22, 2010

Illness update

The illness continues to spread in Haiti and throughout our village; we are trying to staff the orphanage sufficiently to initiate reverse isolation (isolating our home to avoid any of the children becoming ill). Mathieu, Lunto, Shae, Melissa and the other staff need your prayers as they attempt to get everything in order to make this happen.

Yesterday we were able to purchase several liters of IV fluid in Port-au-Prince. We would still like to have a nurse on-site to start IV's if need and provide care to the children for other illnesses. Please contact Melinda Ulysse @ 352-307-2449 if you are willing to help in this way.

Once again, please continue to pray for our dear Haiti. We will continue to update you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illness in Haiti and Mirebalais.

This was just posted by one of our volunteers this evening:
I just wanted to send out a quick prayer request. I'm sure many ofnyou have heard a bit about the sickness that has effected Haiti in the last few days. 14 people in our village have died and there have been a total of 134 deaths reported so far and approximately 1500 people effected by the illness. They believe it to be cholera, which is spread by contaminated water. I don't have a lot of details in front of me right now but I ask for prayer for those who have lost loved one through this and also that the Lord would protect our children here at HCH and also the people of Haiti! We are not seeing any signs of it in our children yet, and trust the Lord will keep his hand on us as he always has in the past. Thank you for all your prayers! The Lord bless you!

-Melissa Fehr

In addition to what Melissa wrote I would also like to ask you for your prayers. Also, if there are any nurses who would be willing to donate some time to HCH over the next few weeks please contact me at 352-307-2449 or We need at least one person on hand who is effecient at starting IV's.

God bless you,

Melinda Ulysse

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adoption Update

Adoptions have officially resumed at HCH. Several files are now making their way through the process in Haiti and several files are still being put together by parents from various parts of the US and Canada.

Please see our website for updated information on adoption including a few new templates available for download. The web address is:

Several people have called with questions about the new laws in Haiti about travel for adoptive parents. The new travel laws are for parents adopting children from orphanages in the Port-au-Prince jurisdiction. We do not use that court system and our local courts are not yet requiring parents to travel before the end of the adoption. We still do require parents to come pick up their children at HCH when the adoption is final.

For any questions regarding adoption please contact Melinda Ulysse at or by phone at 353-307-2449.